call transfer

Easily transfer callers to another phone during a call

  • Seamlessly exchange calls between devices
  • Transfer calls to any extension or number at the touch of a button
  • Direct callers to the right person, department or voicemail
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This is how call forwarding can help your business

    1. Allow your receptionist or colleagues to transfer a call to any extension or number

      If you run a busy company, you or your team may find yourself in situations where you receive a call and need to route it to the appropriate department or individual. Call Forwarding allows you, your receptionist, or any of your colleagues to easily transfer a call to another phone, extension, or voicemail with the touch of a button.

    2. Switch devices in the middle of a call

      When you're on a business call and need to change phones or locations, you don't want to have to end the conversation and call the person back from another phone. With Call Transfer, you can easily transfer a call to yourself on another device without interrupting the call. This means you can change your location and phone, but keep your business calls flowing naturally, without fear of the call being dropped.

    1. How call forwarding works

      To transfer a call with Tesercom simply press *9 on the phone you are receiving the call from, then choose from the options provided. Can:

      • Send the call to voicemail
      • Transfer the call to another phone
      • Transfer the call to another extension
      • Transfer the call to a number on your speed dial list
      • Transfer the call to another number you enter directly

      When you are ready, press *9 again to complete the transfer.

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