caller id

Caller ID means you can

  • Acknowledge callers before answering
  • Easily return calls, even when you're out of voicemail
  • Prioritize work by determining the importance of incoming calls
  • Determine what you want your customers to see when you call
Telefonía VoIP

It's never a mystery with caller ID

  1. Increase productivity by prioritizing your calls

    Choose which calls to take and which to handle later with the Tesercom feature ® ​​Caller ID. You will be able to better prioritize your time and get the job done.

  2. Track your calls

    Caller ID stores names, numbers, dates, and times of incoming calls so you can easily trace them for patterns.Use Caller ID to collect sales lead numbers and to record the number of calls you receive during specific advertising campaigns.

  3. Always know who is calling and route calls as needed

    View caller details before answering, then route calls based on simple caller ID settings.If you select a toll-free number with Tesercom, caller ID blocking is disabled so you can always see who's calling.


Greet callers the way you want