simultaneous ringing

Tesercom's simultaneous ringing means you can

  • Increase the probability that all your calls will be answered
  • Simultaneously call your office, home and mobile phones
  • Send calls to yourself and your colleagues at the same time
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Make sure your calls are always answered

  1. Forward calls to all your phones

    You're a busy professional and you can't always predict where you'll be when you get an important call. With Simultaneous Ring, you can direct calls to automatically ring multiple phones at once, such as your home, cell, or office lines. That way, you can keep working from anywhere while still fielding every customer call.

  2. Forward calls to your entire team

    When you're not available to take a call, let your team have your back. Customize its Simultaneous Ring feature to direct incoming calls to one or more colleagues so you never have to worry about leaving the office or taking a day off.

Greet callers the way you want