voicemail to email

Stay connected with your business

  • Make sure you always get your voicemails right away
  • Keep recordings of your company's voice messages for the long term
  • Easily forward voice messages to colleagues
  • Improve your responsiveness to customers, prospects, and any important callers
  • Improve your responsiveness to customers, prospects, and any important callers
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Stay connected with your business

  1. Be more responsive to customers and prospects

    Because Tesercom automatically emails you the audio recording of a voicemail as soon as you receive it so you always know you have a new phone message right away, even if you don't have your phone handy. This means you can quickly respond to customers or any important calls, listening to any voicemail in just minutes after it's recorded, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or whatever device you're using.

  2. Send voicemail messages to the right people quickly

    You can easily forward voicemail recordings from your email inbox. If you receive an important or urgent request from a customer or partner and you can't help them in time, email the file to the appropriate person on your team. Also, since you're using email, you can include a helpful note to your colleague explaining the key points of voicemail.

  3. When you just can't listen to a voicemail, you can read it

    There will be times when you can't or don't want to listen to your voicemail, either directly on your phone or even as an MP3 attachment sent to you via email. When listening to a voicemail is not an option, you can receive a written transcript of the voicemail, either in your email inbox or by text message.

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