International Forwarding

Benefits of international shipping

  • Do business in the US and Canada, even if your business center is abroad
  • Forward a US number to your business in another country
  • No need to pay to get an international number
Telefonía VoIP

Are you internationally based?

  1. Address the North American market

    Foreign-based companies can easily set up a Tesercom phone number located in the United States or Canada to forward calls internationally. An international number is an excellent option to open up new opportunities for your business.
    Scenario: You run a clothing company based in Milan, but want to attract more customers from New York. With Tesercom, it's easy to provide a local number for those customers to call and get forwarded to your main business line in Italy.

  2. Global reach with a local touch

    Businesses use international call forwarding to look like a local business while thriving in a global marketplace. International toll-free numbers give callers a number that appears to be local, without realizing that their call is actually being forwarded to a location around the world. Fewer customers will hesitate to do business with you than they would with a company in a different region.

Greet callers the way you want