auto attendant

Auto Attendant Benefits

  • Greet callers in a professional manner
  • Route calls to the correct extension
  • Eliminate the cost of a full-time receptionist
Centrales telefónicas

Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Marketing, Press 3 for Billing

  1. Like many small business owners, you may be at a growth point where you feel like you need to hire a full-time receptionist. Because your reputation depends on excellent customer service and responsiveness to prospects and customers, you can't afford to miss a single call or respond too slowly to an important voicemail.
  2. With Tesercom Auto Attendant, you can avoid the expense of a full-time receptionist and still answer all calls professionally and in a timely manner. The Auto Attendant brings together several key features to give you peace of mind knowing that your business always appears professional.
  3. The procedure to set up your Tesercom Auto Attendant is quick and easy. You'll send us the greeting script you'd like played when your company receives a call, and we'll have a professional voice-over record the message from the automated receptionist. We will also record your team names and extensions for a dial by name directory.
  4. We'll even record extensions for the various departments of your company (Marketing, Sales, General Inquiries), even if you're a 1 company and those messages are simply forwarded to your voicemail. By having registered extensions and setting up your dial by name directory, your phone system is prepared for the continued growth of your business.

Greet callers the way you want