Do not bother

Override your standard settings to be unavailable

  • Remove your phone's ringer and redirect calls to voicemail
  • Continue making outgoing calls even when Do Not Disturb is on
  • Conveniently turn Do Not Disturb on and off with the click of a button
Centrales Telefónicas en Santo Domingo

Don't let phone calls distract you from what's important

  1. not be available

    Do Not Disturb makes it easy to be unavailable when you are busy in a meeting or don't want to be interrupted. Activate your Do Not Disturb status by overriding the call settings from the Online Message Center. Alternatively, you can activate Do Not Disturb using the mobile app or by calling from another phone using the Telephone User Interface (TUI). You can turn off Do Not Disturb at any time if you suddenly need to reconnect.

  2. Send calls to voicemail

    Effortlessly set Do Not Disturb to “unavailable” so that incoming calls go directly to voicemail and don't ring on your phone. The Tesercom Voicemail feature also allows you to look at your phone to read a transcript of any voice message in the form of a text message at any time. This is perfect when you're too busy to talk, but not too busy to read a voicemail. Even if your calls go directly to voicemail, you can easily receive your message by listening to voicemail or reading the transcript on your phone.

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