call recording

Call recording means you can

  • Save important business calls
  • Review call details
  • Forward recording to colleagues for handling
VoIP telephony

Call recording offers many benefits for your business

  1. Engage with prospects

    If you do a lot of business over the phone and often have long, content-heavy conversations, being able to go back and review a specific statement or request after the call can be helpful. Forget taking notes during your calls and focus on the conversation. When you know the call is being recorded, you can ask detailed questions and discuss complicated projects without worrying about having a pen to write down details for later review.

  2. Monitor customer service calls

    The call recording feature can also help you monitor customer service and resolve disputes. You can use these recorded calls as training tools for new hires or to help your existing staff learn what works and what doesn't in your customer service processes.

  3. Document your conversations

    Call recording can be a valuable feature to document your conversations. For each user, you can enable automatic call recording or choose to press *2 during any call to start recording. Regardless of which option you choose, you can record calls of any length, as often as you like, and download the recordings to save indefinitely.

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